Team Building

We here at Sacramento Hot Air Balloons understand the dilemma modern offices face in the form of an an absence of productive relationships between team members. Which is why we have developed a competent team building training sure to strengthen teamwork and, consequently, increase performance. Additionally, our program is devised to encourage staff members to set better goals for themselves and to build long lasting interpersonal partnerships among their co-workers. Our program learns from the mistakes of other modern, ineffective team building activities. Our exceptional adventure of proficiently flying a hot air balloon translates into productivity by having each individual actively taking part in team oriented tasks.


In order to build relationships, members need to work closely which is why we split them into smaller groups of a couple to four people right after our personal preflight meeting. Our exhaustively trained pilots will instruct the team mutually on weather conditions, location and the way to operate the balloon. The members may be asked to decide on a reliable touchdown site based on their previous instruction, requiring them to work as a team.

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A qualified pilot will serve as the master of each flight to aid each smaller sized group with efficient management of the aircraft. The captain will assist each group of people with the inflation of the balloon in addition to all other necessary checks to guarantee the absolute capability of the flight. Inflation of the balloon typically takes no more than fifteen minutes. Now we release the balloon!


During the course of flight the group will have the chance to learn a little bit about how the balloon is maneuvered, and how flight altitude is determined using wind speed and weather conditions. Based on their navigating capabilities with the map and the relevant information provided throughout preflight, the team should also be able to tell the pilot how high to fly and where to go in order to reach their location for landing.


Shortly after roughly an hour in the air, the team and their balloon will land, ideally on or very near to their established touchdown location. Group members will assist the captain in packing the balloon. Each aviator is different, but generally a pilot will commemorate the experience with some sort of amenity varying from a champagne toast to hors d'oeuvres. This would most likely be the right time for casual conversation among team members in order to help strengthen their connection through remembering the flight.

Team Building

Team Building exercises are intended to promote better working connections among co-workers, establish or define roles in the workplace and motivate people to collaborate with each other to find solutions to problems. We believe the process of preparing for and partaking in a hot air balloon journey that ends in a successful touchdown is an excellent opportunity for employees to implement all the principles meant to be strengthened in the course of team building. The experience of soaring thousands of feet above a beautiful landscape is destined to be a strengthening experience, regardless of Team Building activities.

Our Team Building packages can be entirely individualized to suit your team, contact us at 1-888-994-9275 to reinforce your business right away!

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